Excerpts                                            More(Book Two)


              Chapter Two-Excerpt

"Classy little town you have here.” Maggie proclaimed, sarcastically, leaning back in. 
  Gabe frowned. “It has become worse since I last visited. This was never the best part of town, but it seems to have gone downhill tremendously in the past few years. The neighborhoods will get better in a bit. My mother’s home is in a very affluent part of town.” 
 They moved along, and it did indeed get better, the carriage moving into a middle-class area with lots of shops and nicely maintained homes, and then into a beautiful area with very high-end businesses, expensive mansions, and a wonderful park area. The carriage stopped in front of a very fine-looking, expensive home. At their sharp knock, a young servant girl opened the front door and identified herself as Lucy, after Gabe informed her who he was. Gabe was anxious, holding his breath, as he escorted Maggie inside and inquired as to where his mother was. 
  “She’s upstairs, sir.”
  Gabe let out the breath he had been holding, relieved they had made it in time. He dashed up the stairs. 
  Lucy called out, “But, she does not want to be disturbed, sir.” 
  Seeing that Gabe had ignored her warning, she turned and looked at Maggie with trepidation and fear in her eyes, just before trotting away. That was strange. 
  Gabe’s very loud exclamation of “Mother!” sent Maggie racing up the stairs to the doorway where he stood, fearing the worst had come to pass. 
  Gabe stood motionless, pale; he had turned away from the room, one hand covering his eyes, one hand on the wall, in a tremendous amount of distress, the scene before him obviously being very traumatic. Maggie put her hands on his back and slipped around him to see what kind of horrifying condition he had found his mother in. The situation was one that no child should ever have to endure seeing of their parent. 
  Gabe had found his mother, completely naked, in the throes of passion, straddled atop a much younger man. Standing there for a few seconds, Maggie wasn’t sure how to react. She finally came to her senses enough to pull the door closed, trying to figure out how to process the scene. She looked over at Gabe, who had not moved, a petrified look on his face, obviously in shock from an image that would never leave his mind. They both turned as the bedroom door flew open. 
  Gabe’s mother came out tying a robe, exclaiming, “Gabe, darling, what on Earth are you doing here?” 
  He managed to utter, “I thought I was coming to see my dying mother, but you seem to have made a miraculous recovery.” Gabe pointed to her room and demanded, “Mother, WHO IS THAT MAN?” 
  Gabe’s mother sighed. “THAT MAN happens to be my physician.” 
  Maggie pursed her lips and mumbled, “He must be one hell of a doctor, for his house call services alone.” 
  Gabe slowly turned his head towards Maggie to glare at her in disgust.          

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