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Newly engaged Maggie Bishop had no idea that a simple walk along the beach would change her life in such a profound way. Waking up the next morning in the year 1765, next to a mysterious black horse, Maggie realizes that adjusting to her new environment isn't just a necessity, it is a matter of survival. With the Revolutionary War on the horizon, she establishes a new life with the sole intent of not changing the future of America and keeping the ones that she loves safe from harm. However, when fate intervenes, Maggie finds herself torn between protecting a man she knows she can never have, and the life of her best friend, each on opposite sides of the war. Sometimes, even being owed a favor by someone as powerful as General George Washington isn’t enough to help you find that perfect, happy ending.


A Timely Revolution is centered around Colonial Williamsburg and the Revolutionary War. It is filled with characters who really existed at that time, along with historical facts and dates that have been researched in depth and are accurate.