A Timely Revolution

Award Winner: Historical Fantasy category of the 2019 American Fiction Awards




  Maggie Bishop has no idea what cosmic force shook her up and spit her back out 253 years in the past, and she definitely has no clue on how to get home. What she does know is that she needs to find a way to survive in the not-so-modern world that she has been thrust into. With the American Revolutionary War on the horizon, Maggie uses her knowledge of the future to create a new life with the sole intent of steering clear of trouble and keeping her loved ones safe from the devastation of war. However, when a simple twist of fate intervenes, Maggie finds herself not only owed a debt by General George Washington but also caught up in the early stages of the Culper Spy Ring. Torn between protecting the man that she loves, one that she knows she can never have, and the life of her best friend, both on opposite sides of the conflict, Maggie must find a way to walk a fine line between two worlds, or risk changing everything that history says is meant to be. Take a stroll down the streets of Williamsburg and Philadelphia while being introduced to a few of its real-life citizens during the time of the American Revolution in a tale where fantasy and history are intertwined into a story that you will not soon forget.
  The Timely Revolution Book Series is centered around Colonial 
Williamsburg and the Revolutionary War. It is filled with characters who really existed at that time, along with historical events and dates that have been researched in depth and are accurate.




  After receiving urgent and disturbing news about Gabe’s mother, Maggie and Gabe set sail for England, but when they arrive, things are not as they seem. Someone, or something, has lured them across the ocean, but for what reason and to what end, they do not know. Maggie’s search for answers about her own life will lead her to a mysterious family hidden deep in the Highlands of Scotland that hold the key to the knowledge that she seeks, however, Maggie may get far more than she bargains for in the process. 


  Continue the adventure in MORE, Book Two of The Timely Revolution Series.






  Maggie MacGregor, daughter of the Celtic Fae goddess Danu, was never meant to live a simple, ordinary life, but a chance to catch her breath would have been nice. Things are off to an interesting start as she and Gabe return to Virginia, with their new spouses and Gabe’s adopted infant daughter, Kat. Just as they settle into a somewhat normal routine, an urgent letter from their old friend British Major John André arrives, warning of a threat to their newfound happiness that may very well tear them all apart. Determined to not let that happen, Maggie and Duncan find themselves in New York on a mission that quickly goes astray, placing Maggie back in the dangerous position of being a spy and passing information to both sides to get what she needs most.


  Join the unexpected twists and turns in Book Three of The Timely Revolution Book Series where actual history, Celtic lore, and fantasy are weaved into a thrilling adventure that will leave you wanting more.



                       The Timely Revolution Book Series

                                        (In Order)


Book One-A Timely Revolution(Currently Available)

Book Two-More(Currently Available)

Book Three-The Complicated Life of Maggie MacGregor- (Currently Available)

Book Four-TBA- Coming 2020

Book Five-TBA-Coming 2020

Book Six-TBA

Book Seven-TBA





*This is one continuous story, so the books need to be read in order.

**This book series contains adult language and adult situations.




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